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Park Sima Slimming Center was established in Kütahya in 1990 by Nutritionist Gülşen Altın.

Born in Denizli on 19.08.1968, Gülşen Altın completed her primary, secondary, high school, and college educations in Cologne, Germany. In 1987, she graduated from Fachhochschule für Gesundheit (Health College) in Germany and became a Nutrition Specialist by completing her Nutrition Specialist Training at BSA Acedemie de Ernahrungsbrater.

In 1997, she moved her practice to Izmir where it received the title of Polyclinic, and she served the Aegean Region, mainly Izmir, Aydın, Denizli, and Söke, until 2015 with a team of 20 consisting of doctors, nurses and dietitians.

Nutritionist Gülşen Altın’s areas of expertise include weight loss against diseases, especially in the treatment of insulin resistance, reactive hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, and menopause-related weight gain.

She moved her practice to Istanbul in 2014 since when she has been giving polyclinic services in Teşvikiye in a wider activity area together with her daughter Dietitian Gökçe Kapçak who joined the team.

Gökçe Kapçak holds two bachelor’s degrees. She received her first bachelor’s degree in the International Trade and Business department of Yeditepe University. Immediately afterwards, she graduated from the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Bilim University, and received the title of Dietitian. Gökçe Kapçak continues her Functional Medicine education at Functional Medicine University. Gökçe Kapçak’s areas of expertise include nutrition therapy in infertility and IVF treatment process, insulin resistance, reactive hypoglycemia, polycystic ovary, and irritable bowel syndrome nutrition therapies.


Sağlıklı beslenme ve sağlıklı zayıflama hizmetlerini etik değerler çerçevesinde kalıcı çözümlerle sunan, tıbbi teknolojilerdeki yenilik ve gelişmeleri güvenilir bir ortamda uygulayan sektörün "öncü’" kuruluşudur.


Sağlıklı beslenme ve sağlıklı zayıflama hizmetlerinde, tecrübe ve inovasyon kültürümüzle insanların sağlıklı ve kaliteli bir yaşam sürdürebilmeleri için kusursuz çözümler yaratmak, üyelerimizin yaşam standartını sürekli yükselterek mutlu olmalarını sağlamak, deği̇şimi yöneterek sektörün yeniliklere liderlik eden, ilham veren markası olmak.

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Unlike other organizations and dietary systems, Park Sima Polyclinic works with a holistic service approach in the slimming process.

The priority is to determine the cause of weight gain and to create a slimming treatment plan for the problem.

In this process, FDA-approved state-of-the-art devices are used to prevent sagging and quickly dissolve the resistant fat tissue. With a single session or other devices that require regular follow-up, resistant fat tissue is broken through treatments such as abdominal, hip, leg and cellulite treatments, arm slimming, face shaping, and jowl treatments.

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Dietitians Gülşen Altın and Gökçe Kapçak have added T&CM (Traditional and Complementary Medicine) practices to their fields of activity as of 2023.

The main purposes are treatment of the clients without any disease diagnosis, accelerating the diagnosis and treatment processes of the diseases that cause them to gain weight, accelerating the weight loss processes, infertility and early menopause support treatment, increasing of the anti-oxidant capacity, anti-aging treatment, elimination of intestinal problems, and strengthening of immune systems.

Gülşen Altın and Gökçe Kapçak continue slimming and thinning different candidates every week in the 10 Years Younger program, which is the Turkish format of the 10 Years Younger Reality program, broadcast every Sunday morning on TV 8. Additionally, they are the presenters of the Çook Yaşa (Live Long) Health Program broadcast every Saturday on Haber Global screens.

They also host the Anne Kız Diyetisyenler (Mother & Daughter Dietitians) channel on YouTube.

Park Sima Polyclinic, which works with the understanding of treatment from A to Z including weight loss, regional slimming, and holistic health, has played a role in the change of hundreds of people under the tag of “those who change with us”, and its main goal is to be the pioneer of health and change with its constantly developing information and technology infrastructure.

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