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Sagging and wrinkles appear on our face with the negative effects of gravity, sun, stress, alcohol consumption and smoking, and aging. Facial muscles weaken, loosen, and begin to sag. The fat tissue becomes thinner and weaker. Therefore, the elasticity, which is the most important factor for the skin, is lost, and the softened tissue begins to sag.

Many surgical or non-surgical applications are performed to restore the youthful appearance of the skin.

Surgical procedures are traditional surgical face lift procedures and can carry health risks. At the same time, people can move away from their natural appearance with surgical face and neck lift procedures.

Thanks to the advancing technology, it is possible to instantly rejuvenate 10 – 20 years and give the desired shape to the face with non-surgical face and neck lift procedures in a single session without the need for incisions and general anesthesia. With the applications that give results as soon as they are applied, people can be involved in social life on the same day, and there is no scar in the treated area.

With non-surgical face lift procedures:

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